Coping Support: Tai Chi

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all getting ready to enjoy a nice long St.Patrick’s Day weekend. When we have a little more time on our hands this weekend (maybe that’s just wishful thinking..) I thought that it might be a good idea to ask someone to give us a little more information on another coping support. Ann Mcilraith, our very own Tai Chi Master at ARC House, has kindly written a little piece for us about Tai Chi and it’s links to meditation and connecting to the self. These can be great supports in relation to coping with cancer. (That’s what this weeks theme picture to the right is all about in case you were wondering). Ann runs a Tai Chi class every Monday at ARC House and has included a little video of last Monday’s class to show us all how it’s done! Thanks to Ann and everyone involved…….

Personal Biography:

I began training in Tai Chi in 1989 was recognised as a Tai Chi Master by Grand Master John Kells, of the British Tai Chi Chuan Association in 2007. Following my training with Dr. Lester Fehmhi of the Princeton Biofeedback Centre I have been incorporating Open Focus techniques into Tai Chi practice. I also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University College Cork and taught Physics and Biology for many years before devoting myself to Tai Chi and healing techniques.

About the Art of T’ai Chi Chuan:

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art. It is mostly thought in the west as a relaxing moving meditation and for this reason is usually called Tai Chi. The Chuan represents the martial aspect. I teach it as a method to relax and meditate but I also explain the martial aspects and show how they can be used not just as a form of defense but rather as a way to learn connection to oneself and to everyone and everything one encounters in daily life.

To me one of the greatest benefits of Tai Chi is the awareness that develops through its practice. It reveals the body’s secrets and opens the mind to levels of awareness hitherto undreamed of.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about Tai Chi and Ann’s work feel free to visit the website or follow Ann’s own Blog

As always we’d love to hear about your own experiences of ways that may have helped you with coping with cancer, so feel free to comment, ask questions or share your story below!

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